About me


About me

Whoa. I'm so stoked for you to be here! 

That means that you've seen my work and something made a connection with you.  For me, that's the biggest compliment I could think of! Getting to know my couples and making sure we are the best fit is a HUGE deal for me. The more I know you, the better I'm able to photograph you. I like to think the reason I've been able to do this for the last four years is because I truly care about who I meet. You aren't just another person to me. Your story and whatever brought you to this point is worthy of being documented just as it happened. 


Want to know a little about me?  Here are 10 random facts about me to get this party started: 


1. You'll find at least 5 different flavors of La Croix stocked in my fridge at all times. I'm crazy for them in a non-boujie, true love, would work for them way. (Some people say they taste like hairspray, but I'm not sure those people can be trusted.)

2. I give everyone I love a nickname. My family is: Pootie, Lu, Shoogie, Chi-Chi and Idiot Boy. I have 2 kids, husband, a labradoodle and rescue cat. I'll let you guess who's who. 

 3. I was named after my late grandfather who I never got to meet: Danny. My most treasured possession is a photo of him and my Mamaw when they first met. My entire life I always wished I could find a love like that (...I did). 

4. I cried when I saw the Pyramids in Cairo because #HistoryNerdForever.

5.  Painting, drawing and San Francisco led me to this career.  

6. I just celebrated my 35th birthday and I've noticed little laugh lines. I'm super proud of those. 

7. I'm a WKU graduate and I legitimately chose that school because the mascot is so weird and cute. What is it? A red blob? A giant blood clot? Who knows. I was young so don't judge ok. 

8. I'm 5'10 and countless people have asked me to grab stuff high off the shelves for them in public. It's strange and flattering all at once. 

9. I met my husband on a random whim while I was swimming at my aunt's house. We married 6 months later because when ya know ya know, YA KNOW? 

10. I live near a gorgeous lake in Kentucky. I have this crazy irrational fear of being eaten by a giant catfish and dragged to the bottom so I absolutely refuse to swim in it. 

11. Have you made it this far? Tell me your favorite pizza topping when you email me for a special discount just for being a cool person. 


Enough about me, I want to hear ABOUT YOU! Let's do this!